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Visual studio 6.0 enterprise edition setup

visual studio 6.0 enterprise edition setup

You can use CAB projects to package ActiveX components that can be downloaded from a Web server to a Web browser.
SQL.ssdt SQL Server Data Tools.0.26208.0 Optional mponent.
Description: Azure SDK, tools, and projects for developing cloud apps and creating resources.DslTools Modeling SDK.0.26711.1 Optional Get NuGet package manager.0.26621.2 Optional mpiler C# and Visual Basic Roslyn compilers.0.26208.0 Optional nguageServices C# and Visual Basic.0.26711.1 Optional ols Static analysis tools.0.26208.0 Optional mponent.But for larger commercial applications, this simple approach might not be enough; customers would like you to install the 1998 ford mustang gt repair manual files in the appropriate directories, set up shortcuts and have it in start menu list.Now lets look at the properties that can be changed in this Publish page: Publish location; You can publish the application to a Web site, FTP server, or file path.This is a Visual Studio extension you can download and use today to build Windows installer-based deployment packages for your application that can be deployed on the Windows platform.The following pictures from msdn summaries the properties available: To make your application run in any version.NET framework, right click on Requirement on Target Machine and then click Add.NET Framework Launch Condition, in properties window change Version to Any.RazorExtension Razor Language Services.0.26720.2 Recommended Component.NDK.R12B Android NDK (R12B).1.9 Optional K19 Android SDK setup (API level 19 and 21).0.26621.2 Optional K22 Android SDK setup (API level 22).0.26208.0 Optional K23 Android SDK setup (API level 23).0.26606.0 Optional t Apache Ant (1.9.3) Optional cos Cocos.0.26621.2 Optional credibuild.Setup AND deployment IN visual studio 2010: introduction: What happens if an bpk 143 semester project architect designs a lot of architectural drawings and then does nothing with them?Components included by this workload Component ID Name Version Dependency type.NET Framework.6.1 SDK.0.26621.2 Required mponent.4.6.1.TargetingPack.NET Framework.6.1 targeting pack.0.26621.2 Required velopmentPrerequisites.NET Framework.6.1 development tools.0.26606.0 Required mponent.

Windows installer: Windows Installer deployment enables you to create installer packages to distribute to users.X86.x64 VC 2017 v141 toolset (x86,x64).0.26621.2 Recommended sktop Windows 10 SDK (10.0.15063.0) for Desktop C x86 and x64.0.26621.2 Recommended mponent.To add a custom action to all four folders, select the Custom Actions node in the editor, and choose Add Custom Action.WebSocket WebSocket4Net.0.26606.0 Recommended ickOnce ClickOnce Publishing.0.26208.0 Recommended Build MSBuild.0.26208.0 Recommended mponent.4.5.1.TargetingPack.NET Framework.5.1 targeting pack.0.26621.2 Recommended mponent.4.5.2.TargetingPack.NET Framework.5.2 targeting pack.0.26621.2 Recommended mponent.4.5.TargetingPack.NET Framework.5 targeting pack.0.26621.2 Recommended.NET Framework.6.1 SDK.0.26621.2 Recommended mponent.4.6.1.TargetingPack.NET Framework.6.1 targeting pack.Ucrtsdk Windows Universal CRT SDK.0.26208.0 Optional mponent.4.5.1.TargetingPack.NET Framework.5.1 targeting pack.0.26621.2 Optional mponent.4.5.2.TargetingPack.NET Framework.5.2 targeting pack.0.26621.2 Optional mponent.4.5.TargetingPack.NET Framework.5 targeting pack.0.26621.2 Optional.NET Framework.6.1 SDK.0.26621.2 Optional mponent.4.6.1.TargetingPack.NET Framework.6.1 targeting pack.0.26621.2 Optional mponent.4.6.TargetingPack.NET Framework.6 targeting.Web T and web development tools.0.26606.0 Optional Universal Windows Platform development ID: sualStudio.Once an application is installed, ClickOnce restricts the application permissions and actions as defined by the Internet, Local Intranet, or custom zones.
WebSocket WebSocket4Net.0.26606.0 Required ickOnce ClickOnce Publishing.0.26208.0 Required Build MSBuild.0.26208.0 Required ntime.NET Core runtime.0.26208.0 Required mponent.4.5.1.TargetingPack.NET Framework.5.1 targeting pack.0.26621.2 Required mponent.4.5.2.TargetingPack.NET Framework.5.2 targeting pack.0.26621.2 Required mponent.4.5.TargetingPack.NET Framework.5 targeting pack.0.26621.2 Required.NET Framework.6.1 SDK.0.26621.2 Required.
WebDeploy Web Deploy.0.26208.0 Required mponent.