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Sonic 3 beta levels

sonic 3 beta levels

Sound ID Sound Comments 3A Sorry, your browser either has JavaScript disabled or does not have any supported player.
The screen locks the way back to the start after you pass the first set of spikes.
The Act 2 boss does not have fire effects when killed until he crashes into the tree, and you must hit him 6 times after he has zoomed off.However, the player will need to do this in a specific way because alone, these codes will crash the game when trying to access that level data.Up - Rotates the object vertically.Debug Mode : Debug is enabled by default.The sound of the wind trap Knuckles activates in Mushroom Hill call of duty 1 full game pc Zone.Tails and Knuckles have incomplete super forms, since the art has yet to be made.Its ID.The music locations are almost the same.If you die, press B to enter placement mode, and then press B at a safe spot to revive yourself.In this mode: list of chief ministers of india 2013 pdf Press A to move forward one object.Red revolving Spheres, this is a spinning mass of red Spheres, placeable via Debug Mode in the first half of Angel Island Act.Due to the late development date (dating after.Using Sonic 3C's savestates to access the Lava Reef Boss Area or Hidden Palace Zone will have glitchy collision data, and Angel Island's sprites appear all over the place.

When playing as Sonic in Sandopolis 1 Sonic doesn't get stuck in the sand after he falls into the level.D3 Sorry, your browser either has JavaScript disabled or does not have any supported player.After the MTZ boss has been defeated, the balloons don't pop until they reach the ground.Sonic the Hedgehog 3C, prototype 0517 for the, sega Mega Drive/Genesis was released by drx during the.Search eon vue 10 xstream keygen (or simply or Complete Version) is platform video game which result locking-on Knuckles music act hydrocity zone harder levels (demo) online, rom through browser using.Spinning Structure A curious object that can damage Sonic when he jumps on top, and can swing when Sonic hits it from underneath.Lava Reef Zone Act.When Robotnik flies away, everything is much slower than the final, and no buttons are pressed it is possible to get stuck in the bottom left unless Debug mode is activated.
When this beta was obtained by drx the file was labeled 3C indicating this was a unreleased version.