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Software product lines practices and patterns pdf ebook

software product lines practices and patterns pdf ebook

After that, the DesignWizardUtil class is used to search the classes of the SPL in bt home hub 4 firmware update order iyanden eldar supplement pdf to organize the relevant exceptions (EAException) and respective constructors (EAConstructor).
Czarnecki,., Helsen,., Eisenecker,.
When building the PDG of a SPL, the Flow Analyzer uses the DesignWizard tool (Brunet.
In Prevayler, 43 of the exceptions signaled by core elements escaped and 25 were handled on the entry point (see Figure 17 ).However, such works address neither the analysis of exception flows in the context of SPL implementations, nor the implicit feature relation that comes about in the exceptional control flow.Finally, we could also detect that some of the flows originated from variable features were caught by a different variable feature (8 in MobileMedia, and 7 in Berkeley DB).We took into account the information concerning which features were associated to the pieces of code responsible for signaling and handling exceptions.There are two main ways of feature overlapping: (i) AND overlapping when a piece of code is annotated with feature A AND feature B, in this case both features should be selected in order to include a given piece of code; and (ii) OR overlapping.Sochos,., Riebisch,., Philippow,.The quality of the exception handling policy is also reflected by the considerable number of user-defined exceptions in MM (see Table 1 ) and specialized handler actions (see Table 2 in contrast with BkDb and PvL on which most the exception handler actions were generic.Figure 7 Exception flows signaled by core elements.This release is a subset of the original implementation that was defined in (Prevayler Project 2013 ).A system family is a set of programs that shares common functionalities and maintain specific functionalities that vary according to specific systems being considered (Parnas 1976 ).2013 (i) the product-based strategy that analyzes every product individually; (ii) the sample-based strategy that focuses on a subset of existing products; and (iii) the family-based strategy that analyzes the design and implementation artifacts of the whole SPL in a single pass.We could observe that in many circumstances, exceptions raised by variable features were not adequately caught.

Section.2 uses a code snippet extracted from one of the target SPLs to illustrate the exception handling concepts discussed in this study.Photo and, finally, this reuses a core method.Gharibi,., Zheng,.Figure 12 illustrates a scenario on which a method from the core of BerkeleyDB calls methods from different variable features.Authors contributions HFM implemented plea tool and carried out most of the manual inspections conducted during the empirical study, and contributed with several findings found during manual inspections and during plea execution.In such scenarios, the normal execution flow should be interrupted and an error message should be presented to the user.France,., Rumpe,.We can observe that although proportion of flow types in every SPL differed, most of the flows in all SPLs represent exceptions signaled by core elements.Exception handling guidelines for software product lines The outcomes of our study also emphasizes the need for the definition of EH guidelines for SPLs.Even under such restriction, the study analyzed 47 kloc of Java source code of which around 4,1 kloc are dedicated to EH handling.In doing so, we could prevent false positives and false negatives on the feature overlapping scenarios found in our study.