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Photoshop elements 7 merge layers

photoshop elements 7 merge layers

Basically, there should be an option to medal of honour allied assault breakthrough patch merge layers (or convert to a Smart Object) while keeping the effect/appearance.
This is especially useful if the layer you're cropping is larger than the canvas, in which case the select-inverse technique is messy.
Example: Top Layer: solid blue shape, middle Layer: gradient going from black to white (but set with a Multiply blend mode, so it really goes from black to transparent).
Then delete the entire layer and paste what you copied to a new layer.I realize grouping and what-not would do the same thing, but there are times when I need it to be a single layer while keeping more than 1 blend mode present.A simple task like combining two photos into a single document is probably second nature for us but, for the beginner, it's not always so obvious.Bottom layer: solid red, in this example I want to merge the Top Layer and Middle Layer, so that no matter what I change the Bottom Layer color to, the gradient will always have the same (black to transparent) effect that the Multiply gave.Currently, depending on how I merge, I will either lose the transparency effect in the gradient from Middle Layer, or the blue Top Layer will change to black.Command-click (PC: Ctrl-click) each layer you want to include to make those layers active, as well.Sometimes those of us who have been doing this for a while can forget how confusing this graphics stuff can be for people just starting out.With this tutorial, I will show brand new Photoshop Elements users, how they can combine two photos onto one page.I'm logic pro hip hop beat almost surprised that converting layers to a Smart Object doesn't already do this.

There is only one way I would recommend you did this.This tutorial will show you how to combine two photos into one document using Photoshop Elements and add some text to the new document.Unless the bottom layer in the merge has a normal blend mode.01 of 10, combine Two Photos Into One Page in Photoshop Elements.This is something you might want to do to show a before and after version of an image correction, or just to compare two pictures side-by-side.You'll also learn how to add some text to the new document, as this is another basic task that a new user may wish to learn.Obviously doing this would change the blend mode to Normal, but the transparency/blend effects would still exist.It's kinda hard to handle therefore I don't quite recommend using this method for text.Another option is to create a new layer at the top of the stack and make it active.Though I'm not sure how it would work if after doing this, you ended up changing the blend mode from Normal to a different mode.
Some people might say to select all of the text boxes, right click on them and convert them into smart is works too, kinda, it does "merge" all the text boxes inside one smart object and when you double click the smart object, another window.