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Justin trudeau 2015 platform

justin trudeau 2015 platform

In Syria, after four years of all-out war, over 11 million Syriansover half the populationhave been driven from their homes.
Canadians did not send us to this House to read polls and to guess at what they want.
Indian-origin candidates won a record anno 1503 addon patch 1.01 19 seats in the latest parliamentary elections, with 15 of them being elected from Trudeaus Liberal Party.
The video features a young Trudeau grooving to the beats of a Punjabi.We have learned that unless we approach a mission like this with a clear understanding of its political and military environment, and unless we match our goals to that reality, we risk making the situation worse, not better.At 43, Trudeau is the second-youngest Prime Minister in Canada.I could go on, but you get the idea.We cannot allow rhetorical appeals to moral clarity to disguise the absence of a plan.To put that number in context, under the leadership of former Prime Minister Joe Clark, Canada resettled 60,000 Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Laotian refugees.Until Trudeau grows into the role of prime minister and builds fluency in military affairs, he will need to remain on guard against that potential criticism from Conservatives.It is not surprising that the government is attempting to shift this to a debate on Canadian values or moral clarity.Are we only seeking to degrade isils capabilities, as the Prime Minister stated, or are we attempting to defeat them outright, as the Minister of National Defence suggested?
Here at home, we also have an opportunity to significantly expand our refugee targets and give more victims of war the opportunity to start a new life in Canada.

Trudeau wore one blue sock and one pink, each with the nato flag emblazoned on the side.Where Trudeau and Harper have most differed is in the use of military force, or hard power, in pursuit of Canadas interests and values.Where we disagree is on the most effective way for Canada to intervene.Air Force General Philip Breedlove, put the same concerns solidly on the record last December.The logic goes that Canada, as an advanced industrial economy with capacity for more ambitious climate action than its shown to date, is giving fossil fuel-dependent emerging economies an excuse to lag on climate control policies.Our military training should take place away from the front lines, as our allies have been doing.Well, this is clearly sock diplomacy.When we supported the first phase of the mission, it was with the understanding that the length and scope of the mission would be limited, in other words, that it would end after 30 days and it would be limited to non-combat support.The atrocities that Islamic State militants have committed are widely known.We cannot support this proposal.Placing humanitarian considerations at the top of the decision tree is notable Trudeau has relentlessly slammed Harper on his predecessors management of the Syrian refugee crisis, calling for a much more ambitious Canadian response than the tentative, security-focused measures Harper authorized.
Please read Justin Trudeau's remarks in the House of Commons on the government's motion to extend the combat mission in Iraq and expanding into Syria.