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Crusader kings 2 patch 2.4.1

crusader kings 2 patch 2.4.1

Spouse no longer clubbers guide summer 2006 likes you less if you have a different caste.
Added Nubian cultural retinue and building.
Arrange Marriage no longer shows people with a different caste if you're Hindu.Piety name fixed in execute interaction.Fixed a bug with the event filter 'only_independent' and revolters Database edit Made a number of changes to starting characters dragon mania hack game and dynasties, above all in Northern India.Fixed localisation for Rabbis in religion tab.Now properly resets the de facto liege of revolt vassals when the revolt ends inconclusively.Fixed error in troop amount trigger causing horse archers to get elephant tactics.In addition, the Spiritualism-Imperialism divide will be improved as the Fire Nation will receive a new mechanic called Zeal, which I'll go into further detail on when the patch is released.Minor edit Fixed broken MP from.1.2 All Muslim rulers are now notified and given an imprisonment reason when a dynasty member refuses to straighten up Added a notification event when a dynasty member goes decadent Only Kshatriya women are generated in feudal Indian courts.It will be something to look forward.
Fixed a bug with temporary revolt titles and certain achievements.
Highlights are: new launcher shared between Mac, Linux and Windows, allowing for instance to download steam workshop mods without the need to restart the game Ironman now only saves every 6 months, memory usage has been reduced quite a bit heaps of bugs fixed.

It should now be much more attractive for the player.Temporary titles no longer increase the multiplier for Decadence gain if they are the character's highest tier title.Tweaked various factors affecting whether AI chooses the "get married" ambition.Fixed bug where the graphic for special units changed when merged with troops of another culture.Fixed a bug that made it possible for a player to activate several pilgrimages at once.Adapted pilgrim events to include Messalian and Paulician heresies.Homosexual characters can now have the "get married" ambition again.Fixed a bug where spouses were no longer allies.Even more memory usage optimization, reduced memory usage growth over time.
It's a small hotfix for some problems that should have been in the last patch.
Asking to join a crusade is no longer limited by the distance to the religious head.